Do You Know About the Gap in Cancer Care?

We believe every cancer survivor deserves access to high quality rehabilitation.


Percentage of cancer patients and survivors who
experience physical and psychological defects that
contribute to disability and lower health-related
quality of life.


Current percentage of cancer patients and survivors
referred to rehabilitation to address physical or
deficits caused by cancer treatment.*

*Source: Based on Oncology Rehab Partners’ data on file.


We partner with hospitals and cancer centers to help them deliver excellent rehabilitation services to survivors.

Our mission is to assure every cancer survivor in the U.S. has access to high quality cancer rehabilitation services. The STAR Program is a turnkey solution that enables hospitals and cancer centers to provide reimbursable rehabilitation services to patients and survivors before, during and after cancer treatment.

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How can your facility implement
the STAR Program to help cancer
patients to improve their outcomes?

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How does rehabilitation help
cancer patients and survivors?

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How Does Rehabilitation Help
Cancer Patients & Survivors?

With cancer rehabilitation, patients feel stronger and get back to the things they enjoy. Services are available before, during and after cancer treatment and are covered by insurance. Learn more about the conditions that can be treated and what survivors say about their rehabilitation experiences.

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