Patient Stories


“I was having difficulty with my arm and I was feeling very discouraged–it was over my 6 weeks healing time and it was getting worse instead of better so I called my oncologist.  My oncologist got me in immediately to the STAR Program and it has helped tremendously.  I could not lift my arm and within a week I was able to totally lift my arm almost above my head, so of course I felt elated and encouraged, because now I can see a light where I can get back to the quality of life that I knew before. The physical therapy has given me the confidence, I just started driving again. I couldn’t drive. It has helped me tremendously to get back to the things that we take for granted in life, the simple little things. It has helped me to regain my confidence and my independence… those are things that limit you. Now I feel limitless, I can go do anything!”

-Deborah, age 60, entrepreneur, Diagnosis of breast cancer, Lexington, KY


“The Star Program has given me the tools that build added strength, optimism and confidence—all of which are game changers emotionally, physically, and in my work and my social life. The level of understanding, empathy and insight from these very special, talented caregivers has made an overwhelming difference in my life and which has, most thankfully, spilled over into all the other aspects of my world, in the best way possible. Rehab has been a savior for me. The clinicians here understand how discouraging it can be for a cancer patient with the uphill climb it takes to re-enter the everyday world.  They have a firm grasp on how much a patient wants to feel better and to feel human and productive again. The STAR Program has been the chief component in my ‘comeback’. ”

-Carolyn, age 67, administrative assistant, Diagnosis of colorectal cancer, Melrose, MA


“Doing 6-7 rounds of chemo and 30 radiation sessions to treat a tumor the size of an orange took so much out of me. I didn’t think I’d ever drive a truck again. But the STAR Program gave me hope and strength. If I had not met them, I don’t know where I’d be. I feel great now, and am back on the road where I belong.”

-Darrell, age 46, lung cancer survivor, Manitowoc, WI


“I have a big church family and my own family. My son was really proud of me doing the STAR Program. My daughter was, too. Everybody has learned from me doing this that you can have cancer, go to the STAR Program and get better. They’ve seen it. I feel very blessed that I had the STAR Program available to me.”

-Alberta, age 73, lung cancer survivor, Fredericksburg, VA


“I’d recommend it (the STAR Program) for anyone with cancer, especially at the beginning when it’s easy to become sedentary because you’re so sick. If you can start walking then, you’ll do a lot better with the chemo.”

-Peg, colon cancer survivor, ME
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